Tri-Community Fire Department, 589 Broad Creek Road, New Bern, NC 28560

Tracey Stones Productions invites you to take a break from the holiday shopping and enjoy some fun times with friends and neighbors. Welcome Maris-Hella Fat Food Truck and The Dust Parade at the Community Center for a pre-holiday gathering.

All are welcome to attend. There is a suggested $10 donation per person to pay the band, if you feel generous they will also have products for sale, in time for the holidays. Including jewelry made from Hank Barbee's guitar strings, a variety of shirts and CD's all for sale. Please support live music.

Members of the community and their friends are asked to bring cookies, baked goods and treats to share. Bring your own beverages of choice and by all means, wear your dancing shoes.

Music will be provided by the very talented Dust Parade from Wilmington, NC. Please come out and show your support for this talented quartet that offers a surfing blues jazz sound that compares to no band around. Featuring the talented Hank Barbee on vocals and guitar, Jim Durham on saxophones and backing vocals, Matt Henderson on bass and Logan Watson back behind the kit, keeping the beats.