1. Washed Away

From the recording Belle Vici

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Washed Away

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lead vocal Hank Barbee & Lynn Philyaw
written by Hank Barbee


hold it in line
give it some time
say that you’ll hang on to me

it’s movin fast
how do we last
the tempest and toss of the past

this talk of life and love, honeybunny
of tangle; sticky, sweet
your lips are divine
how they fit into mine
can it be?
can it be?...

why is it tough
or just not enough
all this you’re taking from me

maybe it’s true
that nothing I do
will ever make up for all that you’ve seen

it’s falling down the stairs, barely feeling
and landing on your feet
it’s losing your time
and leaving behind
all we’ve been…
all we’ve seen…

every day
washes away
into the flood of our lives

how do you hurt?
how do you heal?
how do you learn to be still?

all outta time and chance to recover
all of the things that we need
our color fades
as we wash away
like a stain…
like a stain…