The Dust Parade


The Dust Parade is a genre-bending original music group born from the sandy beaches and river towns of Eastern North Carolina.  Since forming in 2017, they play a unique brand of surfy/jazz-rock and bluesy/soul rhythms set to life over incisive and socially conscious songwriting.  The band is in the early stages of compiling a resume for bigger things to come, and collectively, are evolving a 'sound' indigenous to our times and to their own geography.

Hank Barbee leads 'The Parade', his sultry and mellow baritone voice engages the lyrical conversation, while just underneath, his bluesy electric guitar passages marry with Jim Durham’s saxophone.  Together, the two create interesting melodic lines and weave seamless sax/guitar harmonies that hearken to musical jams of decades past.  On the bottom end, Matt Henderson keeps the bass lines ever moving, energetically driving the band forward across drummer Chet Miller’s deep grooves and syncopated bliss.  In the tradition of the jazz and funk greats, this duo shuffles, swings and soothes their way into your subconscious.  Regarding the band and their music, most simply say “it just feels good”…

The Dust Parade has recently commenced work in the recording studio to capture their first full length album and anticipate a release later in 2019.  To experience what they have to offer, find a performance date near you and come out!


The Dust Parade- Wilmington, NC

The Dust Parade- Wilmington, NC