1. Stowaway

Stowaway: an original Hank Barbee composition; also a track from the musical compilation album titled "We Are Not Saints".
Proceeds from the sale of this project go to benefit substance abuse and addiction recovery efforts in several communities around the Southeastern US.
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lost, up on the mountain
deep in the canyon
outside the wall

lost, shaking and standing
crashed in the landing
weighing the costs

chorus 1
fear is not just a feeling
its deeper in meaning
and steeped in the dark

hate, all that you want to
you need to hold on to
you’re missing the point
cause its carried around in you

lay down in the chasm
living the ransom
filling the void

build your bridge under water
drown with the pauper
you threw overboard

chorus 2
hurt, more than my feelings
losing the meaning
leave me behind

love, the only true healing
is safely revealing
the living and true

and its carried around in you
( love is…..)
yeah its carried around in you

sad, wide open sigh
eye for an eye
tooth for a tooth

black, swept you aside
eye for a lie
tooth for a truth

chorus 3
love isn’t a ghost
claiming the most
chaining the free

love writes off forever
doesn’t need clever
only to BE...

carried around in you
( love is…..)
carried around in you
( love is …..)
carried around in you
( love is …..)
carried around in you

"Stowaway" written by Hank Barbee
*recorded at ZAC in Atlanta, GA
Rin Vinson - drums
Jacob Lawson - bass guitar
Hank Barbee - lead vocal, electric, acoustic, & lap steel guitar solo
Aaron Thompson - the "Dead Man's Flute" arrangement, piano, glockenspiel
Jamie Pruett - additional vocals
Alexis Vear - additional vocals
*recording and engineering by Tony Terrebone and Jim Zumpano
*additional recording and engineering by Aaron Thompson at Absolute Recording